Thursday, April 24, 2014

Another Rain

You make it green. 
I can only stand there and watch. 
If I step into you, you will teach me to balance. 
Just how much of you do you give?
 Just how much can you pull away? 
Are there moments when you need to be alone?
Or are you better when there are others?
 Those who feel you present?

You are cooler than me.
Slip, sway, sideways sneaking.
Moving past me in a mist of un-apology.
Someone nearby is talking about your power.
I resign myself to little things.
You darken days under the weight and rule us all.
No one stands a chance.
It’s perfectly made, and we don’t care.

You gave me your scent.
There was a moment I felt like crying.
I can shake you off, but you never leave.
If I look closely, I can only see myself, anyway.
I can’t regret the moments I breathe you in.
I can’t forget the times you arrive too late.
And these are only seconds in the hours of another rain.

So lets go.