Sunday, June 14, 2015

Some male "friend" on FB just raved on about Elizabeth Hurley, how hot she is at 50, how "fat and gross" American women are at 50+, and how he needed he needed to move to London ASAP.
I read what he wrote and was taken aback. The guy is like pushing 40 fast, losing his hair, 35+ lbs overweight, etc so I was like, 'Who's this guy to pull these standards out for 50+ year old women? Why is it that men think they can be slobs, but expect us to be perfect?
I decided to respond to him without much edit, to make sure my feminist credentials haven't washed off just because it is FB, land of the polite.
My response:
"Those 'fat and gross' women in their 50s don't have the genetics or money or time or desire to continue to binge and purge, suck and tuck, and publicly flaunt their bodies for the consumption of pimple assed balding dudes worldwide, fapping into old man socks while guzzling Mt. Dew in mommy's basement. Most women are mothers and grandmothers by 50 and have richly rewarded lives that don't require men's approval any more than men require ours."
He unFriended me from FB & blocked me from twitter.
😂 Guess my credentials are intact. 😂
So when you see misogyny, much like racism, you have to call it out & claim your opposition. Dudes may hate you, but it's probably because deep down, they know you're right.